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Fredericksburg Oncology is dedicated to offering each patient individual care and attention while providing the most innovative cancer medicine.  We know that the diagnosis of cancer carries with it a unique set of concerns,  and we are always available to provide the necessary support as patients make their way through their treatment.

When you call our office during office hours you will always speak with a person, never to a machine.  We do not use nurse practitioners or other physician extenders, so when you have an appointment you will always be seen by the doctor.  If you have a problem, or an emergency, we are ready to make time for you.

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Visit the News Room and Oncology Blog for information and discussions about current events in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of cancer.

Living Beyond Cancer

Psycho-Social Oncology
The diagnosis of cancer is a life-changing experience that brings many challenges and stresses to patients, their families, and friends. Fredericksburg Oncology offers support services to help cope with these changes and with life beyond cancer.